Assembled Prototypes

Single PO for layout, boards and assembled prototypes

  • Have Rising Edge Designs work closely with your companies engineers to complete a quality layout. All layouts are designed as per IPC 6012 class 2 as a minimum and commonly designed to class 3A (space and military avionics)
  • Let Rising Edge Designs order prototype boards from the board vendor of your choice and take care of any technical queries, to ensure the boards stay on schedule.
  • Boards are generally designed and manufactured to be Rohs compliant but can also be ordered as non-compliant for prototypes (far more cost effective).
  • We can order the parts needed for assembling a small batch of prototype boards.
  • Your prototypes will be assembled as per IPC-A-610.
  • All items will be itemized on the quote so that all of the above can be included on a single PO.