PCB Design Layout

The Rising Edge Design team has expertise in the layout and design regeneration of Commercial products, Military, Aerospace, IOT and wearable devices.

We specialize in High Density Interconnect (HDI) layouts including blind, buried and back drilling. We commonly layout Microprocessor and FPGA-based systems with multiple configurations of DDR3/4/5, SerDes, LVDS, USB 3, Bluetooth, CAN Bus, l2C, Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit SFP+, HDMI, WiFi, RS232 and RS485.

We specialize in layout for Flex, Rigid-Flex and Rigid boards. We commonly design boards that are constructed utilizing FR4, Polyamide, high speed/low loss dielectrics, hybrid constructions (e.g. FR4/Rogers), as well as boards that utilize embedded passives. Stepped & Cavity Construction as well as integrated Heat Sinking.

What Output files will be provided?

  • We can proved a fully complete logical design completed in PADS, Altium or Orcad PCB
  • Gerber files (including a pdf of every layer) and/or ODB fabrication files
  • IPC 356 netlist and asci (PADS) of complete design (reads into Valor for DFM)
  • Master drawing complete with Stack-up (impedance controlled as per Rising Edge Designs fabrication standards)
  • Paste screens and Pick ‘n place files
  • Step files, Emn/Emp files and DXF of the entire layout