Reverse Engineering

Non-Destructive Design Regeneration

  • Do you have populated or non-populated circuit boards and don’t have the Gerber files to fabricate more of them?
  • Do you have legacy circuit boards that require replacement of obsolete parts, but don’t have the layout files to complete the modifications?
  • Do you have boards that you only have DXF files for?
  • Do you have mylar films, but no Gerber files?
  • Do you have legacy boards that you source from a single vendor because they are the only ones with the Gerber files?

What files can Rising Edge Designs provide?

  • We can provide a fully complete logical design (designed to  IPC 6012) in PADS, Altium or Orcad (Allegro)
  • Schematic recreation in Orcad, Dx Designer or Altium format (additional cost)
  • Complete set of Gerber or ODB fabrication files
  • IPC 356 netlist and ascii of complete design (reads into Valor for DFM)
  • Master drawing complete with Stack-up (impedance controlled as per Rising Edge Designs fabrication standards)
  • Parts bill of materials, Paste screens and Pick’n Place files